О клубе "Десантник"

О клубе "Десантник"

Спортивно-воспитательная деятельность клуба Десантник широка и разнообразна. У каждого из направлений есть свои образовательные цели: карате воспитывает дух, военные дисциплины - патриотизм и веру в Российскую армию, парашютизм развивает любовь к небу и делает богаче внутренний мир курсанта, туризм - прививает навыки выживания, ориентирования в трудных природных условиях.

Дорогой добрых дел

Дорогой добрых дел

Готовность помочь спортсменам клуба "Десантник" в любой момент всегда вызывает восхищение и трепет. Не перевелись еще люди четко понимающие значимость поддержки детского спорта. На страницах этого раздела мы с большой благодарностью будем рассказывать Вам о таких почитаемых членах нашего общества.

Военно-патриотическое воспитание

Военно-патриотическое воспитание

Серьезное внимание уделяется военно-спортивной подготовке курсантов клуба Десантник. В эту область обучения входят разного рода дисциплины военного дела, в частности изучение существующего вооружения в воздушно-десантных войсках, умения разбирать и собирать стрелковое оружие, тактические учения, строевая подготовка.

Парашютная подготовка

Парашютная подготовка

Клуб "Десантник" уже на протяжении 25 лет обучает азам парашютного дела. От теории к практике наши спортсмены шаг за шагом продвигаются к прыжкам с парашютом. Многие курсанты клуба имеют за спиной не один десяток прыжков.

Карате в клубе "Десантник"

Карате в клубе "Десантник"

Спортсмены клуба выступают на соревнованиях и имеют разные степени подготовки по разным направлениям восточных единоборств. Многие из курсантов клуба имеют высокие достижения мирового уровня, а многим еще только предстоит показать себя. В этой рубрике мы будем держать Вас в курсе спортивных событий нашего клуба в направлении боевых искусств.

О клубе
Нам помогают
Военные дисциплины
Парашютная подготовка в клубе

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If you are actually currently confronting some financial difficulties at that point you as well may certainly look at having payday sequel loans given that of the following reasons:1. These loans are incredibly easy to obtain. You could get them online and also accomplish not also have in order to provide everything as assurance against them. All the creditors normally need to know is whether you have a routine earnings because this indicates your ability to repay the money. In many cases, you will definitely acquire the money in your account a simple 24 hours after being approved for the loan.2.

They are actually extremely discreet. You don't need to bother with various other people determining that you are actually borrowing money for some justification. All you have to do is actually load out the necessary sheets as well as the cash are going to be actually moved in order to your account without any kind of problem.3.

The repayment installments are actually tiny adequate to be matched your month to month spending plan. You do certainly not automatically have in order to receive a fresh provider of earnings in sequence to purchase them, although it is actually most certainly a good idea to perform so.

Perform bear in mind that payday sequel loans usually possess a much higher compared to typical fee of enthusiasm and also price more money in the long run. If you want money quickly in buy in order to pay for an inevitable expense at that point these lenders are actually equipped to deliver a wonderful solution to you. You will definitely have the ability to pay for a little one's costly education or surgery for a relative or perhaps even a lot needed repairs to your property using the services of these loans.

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Folks who are actually in important requirement of money (and there are actually quite a lot of such folks these days) are actually increasingly counting on payday installation loans to obtain the money they need to have. Carry out keep in thoughts that payday installation loans typically get a greater than typical charge of enthusiasm and also expense even more money in the lengthy operate. Payday sequel loans are actually no hesitation capable to supply you a short-term product in order to your economic problems. http://ukpaydayloansfast24h7.co.uk

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It is actually consistently a good strategy to contrast all of the readily available selections when you must decide regarding your financial resources. The cash advances are an obvious option in case of cash emergencies. There are many other selections that you can would like in order to take into account. Determine even more relating to them as well as how they compare with one yet another.

Debit card are one of the main alternatives to payday loans. Their main benefits is actually that their interest is actually lesser. There are all kinds of advertising bank card which possess zero benefit for a set duration of time. You will definitely still must pay back the amount that you obtain, but you will definitely certainly not must pay interest on it and also this is actually an exceptional benefit. One more blessing relating to charge card is that they allow you to pay your personal debt over time without you having in to more financial obligation.

There is one major drawback of charge card in evaluation in order to payday loans. This is actually harder for you to secure accepted for a bank card if you get bad credit as well as an inexpensive credit rating record. There are actually some playing cards fashioned for subprime customers, however they are additionally certainly not uncomplicated in order to get as well as are fairly pricey to use. One more disadvantage of charge card is that even though the approval might be quite speedy, the providing of the card could take quite some time.

Several credit rating unisons have presented short-term loans just like payday loans. The thrift institution loans are actually likewise for reasonably small sums as well as need to be actually repaid in total on your coming pay day. The major variation is that the passion fees are notably lower. They are not remarkably economical really, yet there is a noticeable contrast between them and the costs set through payday lenders. This is actually an exceptional benefits.

There are actually disadvantages in order to credit coming together loans that you really should bear in mind. Their accessibility others limited approximately for the time being. They are actually offered only in specific cities and also metros and also in some cases in certain locations of a single urban area. In enhancement, the approval method is actually the exact same as the one made use of when an application for a standard loan is produced. This means that there is a high chance of being actually rejected if you have uncollectable loan reflected in your credit rating rating.

The choices to payday loans are actually not best and also could not exercise for some people. The necessary proclivity you as a borrower is actually to carry out some analysis as well as in order to pick the greatest alternative for you.

Credit cards are amongst the principal solutions in order to payday loans. There is actually one notable shortcomings of credit cards in contrast in order to payday loans. It is actually harder for you to use approved for a credit rating card if you possess poor credit rating as well as a low credit record. A lot of credit rating unisons have indeed launched temporary loans identical to payday loans.

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Sometimes, creditors carry out not provide the APR yet present you the remedied interest sum which you will certainly possess in order to pay on your following pay day. You might possess to pay option fees in enhancement to the passion. Many providers delivering payday loans perform not possess fine expenses for late repayment due to the fact that they are actually a lot more compared to willing in order to grant your loan.

You are going to certainly get in order to pay a reasonably high passion. In some cases, creditors carry out certainly not supply the APR however present you the gotten interest amount which you will definitely have to pay on your next pay day. You may possess to pay product fees in addition to the enthusiasm. Provide this amount in order to the interest cost to obtain the total fee of the loan. Many service providers furnishing payday loans do not have fine fees for overdue repayment considering that they are actually much more compared to willing in order to present your loan.






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6-7 февраля в г.Санкт-Петербург состоялся очередной чемпионат России по каратэ Годзю-рю, где разыгрывались путевки на чемпионат мира в Португалию (сентябрь), и чемпионат Европы в Австрию (Май). Более 400 спортсменов от Калининграда

14 – 16 мая 2010 года в Австрийском городе Грац состоялось 7-ое Первенство Европы по Годзю-Рю каратэ-до. Спортсмены клуба Десантник города Заречный Свердловской области вошли в состав сборной России от Свердловской области. В

Обучающие материалы

Управляемый парашют Д-1-5У предназначен для выполнения тренировочных прыжков.
1. При общей массе системы парашютист - парашют не более 120 кг парашют обеспечивает:
• надежную работу на высоте до 1000 м

Тренировочный управляемый парашют Т-4 серии 4МП предназначен для совершения спортивно-тренировочных прыжков спортсменами-парашютистами.
1. Конструкция парашюта при общем полетном весе

В отличии от парашютов Д-1-5У, Д-6, его не используют при прыжках с небольшой высоты (до 800 м). Запрещены низкие развороты (ниже 100 м), т. к. вращение на малой высоте практически всегда сопутствует переломам ног.

Форум клуба "Десантник"

Если у Вас возникли вопросы, пожелания, предложения по тренировочному процессу, по предстоящим соревнованиям к старшему тренеру клуба Десантник, то этот раздел форума для Вас.

Теперь у Вас есть возможность задать вопрос главному тренеру клуба Десантник Бубнову Валерию Юрьевичу.

Есть предложение встретиться под новый год выпускниками клуба. Если у кого есть желание и возможность для встречи, просьба отзвониться в клуб или отписаться здесь на форуме (форма примерная: Имя Фамилия), так же если у Вас есть предложения по месту, форме, организации, пишите - будем учитывать пожелания. Спасибо.

Фотографии клуба "Десантник"

День Великой ПобедыКоманда ДесантникСтрельбы Красноярск-26Сборка разборка автоматаПеред открытием учебного десантного центра